Year 9 Transition

Dear Year 9 Student’s Parents / Carers

This is an exciting time for year 9 students as this is the first time they will be able to make a choice about their curriculum. We have already been discussing this in School with students and they gave us their opinions for the options that they are able to select from. To help students choose their options they will need to think about what they want to gain by the end of key stage 4. This is an important decision and one that we will also support with as a school.

Some students will have a very clear direction and goal, while others may be undecided and want to keep all pathways and possibilities open. This booklet will help guide you towards making the best option choices for your child’s future and inform you about the different qualification pathways in subjects at Maplewell. You can also speak to teachers during parents evening to get any more details about the courses your child will study. Students will be excited about the prospect of choosing their options, but they will want to take time to make sure that they are choosing the subjects that are best for them – so find out as much as possible before you complete the options form.

At Maplewell we have provided students with a range of different qualifications that allow them to overcome their learning difficulties and achieve their full potential. In key stage 4 they will continue to be given plenty of support to enable them to reach this potential. Nevertheless, they will be trusted and supported to self- manage and take responsibility for their own development as a learner and as a person, to help prepare them for adulthood.

Year 10 and 11 is about focused study, creativity and trying a new experience during their learning. It is about working hard, earning rewards and being recognised for their achievements and contribution to school life. We will continue to build their independence skills and support them in striving to do their best to achieve their full potential. Above all, it is about them becoming the person they want to be in readiness for their future.

Students have developed essential foundations from an outstanding KS3 experience. This includes familiar routines, values and friendships that will provide the bedrock for progression to success in key stage 4 and beyond.

We will be there to support you every step of the way!
Jason Brooks

Download Information Booklet 2019/20

Download ks4 Nurture Information Booklet 2019/20