Transitions Y6-7

Y6-7 Transitions Information

Every year we are joined by a new Y7 cohort. This can be a very exciting time, but some pupils may feel more anxious. At Maplewell we invite all new pupils to come along and join us for as many transition days required before they start on roll with us.

We follow a structured transition plan to ensure that every pupil, where possible, is ready to begin their secondary education journey. The following events is the process that we follow.

  • Following confirmation from SENA we will send an acknowledgment letter to introduce ourselves and invite you and your child in for a tour.
  • Staff will visit the Primary schools to meet your child. They will gather information around English and Maths work, spend time listening to your child’s current staff, complete baselining tests to allow us to plan accordingly from September and are there to answer any questions that your child may have.
  • Staff will request to either complete a home visit or arrange to see you on transition days to ensure that we have all relevant details again concerning your child. This may be around medical information, any support the child/family may receive, introducing ourselves again to your child so that they can answer any questions, ensuring that we have all relevant contacts so that we can keep our records up-to-date and supporting where necessary with regards to your child coming to Maplewell.
  • Induction days-July. Each year we invite parent/carers to bring their child along to our induction days. During one of the days we request that parent/carers stay so that we can provide you with further information about your child attending school. The pupils all get to spend time in their tutor base meeting different staff to enable them to get use to their new surroundings. Again this is a brilliant time to get to put faces with the staff that you may have contact with whilst your child attends Maplewell.
  • Further transitions are welcomed. These will need to be organised through our admin staff and Mrs Ison. We request that pupils are supported and brought to Maplewell by their current LSA so that they have a face that they know well whilst getting to meet other pupils and staff at Maplewell. We encourage as many visits as required once confirmation has been made.

Transitions into a different year group

We have pupils join us throughout the academic year. Again we offer transitions visits as above and will liaise closely with the school to put a positive transition plan together for every child. Pupils at Maplewell welcome all new pupils and are very excited about meeting them during their visits. Typically we will set a pupil mentor with a pupil in the tutor group a new pupil will be moving into. They are able to support in building new friendships, getting aware of the new surroundings and will ensure they take part in social activities.

Y9-10 Transitions Information

At Maplewell we value the importance of the transitional phases that pupils will go through. We spend a great deal of time supporting the pupils with these changes and aiding them in the process.

At the end of Year 9 pupils need to make choices about the options that they will study during Key stage 4. Pupils have completed a range of activities to help them through this process. All of this information is shared with parents/carers during our transition evening that occurs March/April each year.

Attached is the current information that is given to pupils during this evening. Please take the time to read through this with your child to help guide them in making an informed opinion. Obviously if you have any questions please contact Mrs Ison or the subject teacher that your query may be about.