Chair of Governors Dr Ruth Richards

Mr Ian Welch

Headteacher Mr Jason Brooks
Parent Governors Dr Steve Phelps

Dr Ruth Richards

Co-Opted Governors Mr Roger Ivens

Mr Ian Welch

Mrs Georgina Smith

Mrs Sioux Gardner

Ms Kaisra Khan

Local Authority Governor Mr John Allen
Staff Governor Mrs Nicky Smith-Watson


Finance Committee John Allen (Chair)
Jason Brooks
Roger Ivens
Ian Welch
Quality of Education

(to include Extended Day)

Dr Ruth Richards (Chair)
Nicky Smith-Watson
Jason Brooks
Sioux Gardner
Ian Welch
Kaisra Khan
Behaviour & Attitudes including 

Personal Development

Roger Ivens (Chair)
Georgina Smith
Dr Ruth Richards
Sioux Gardner
Nicola Smith-Watson
Dr Steve Phelps
Pay & Personnel Committee John Allen (Chair)
Jason Brooks
Roger Ivens
Ian Welch

Governors’ Remote Meeting Protocol

In cases where Governors are not able to attend meetings in person, this protocol enables members to join meetings remotely.

Governors’ Terms of Office

For a list of our Governors’ Terms of Office, please click HERE.

Governors’ Interests and Attendance

For a list of our Governors’ attendance 2019/20, please click HERE

For a list of our Governors’ interests & attendance information 2020/21, click HERE

Meeting Dates 2020-21

Committee Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Full Governors – 4:30pm Thursday 24 September 2020

Thursday 26 November 2020

Thursday 18 March 2021 Thursday 17 June  2021
Personnel & Finance- 4:30pm Thursday 08 October 2020

Thursday 10 December 2020

Thursday 04 March 2021 Thursday 20 May 2021
Quality of Education – 4:30pm Thursday 29 October 2020 Thursday 14 January 2020 Thursday 22 April 2021
Behaviours & Attitude including Personal Development – 4:30pm Thursday 12 November 2020 Thursday 28 January 2021 Thursday 05 May 2021

Guidance for Prospective Governors

The following guidance has been written to assist governing bodies with their duty to conduct informed parent and staff elections in which the expectations and credentials of prospective candidates are made clear.

Governing Body Role

Guidance for Prospective Governors

Being a school governor is both a rewarding and challenging experience. Governors provide strategic leadership and work in partnership with the headteacher and senior leaders in schools to ensure that every child gets the best possible education.

The demands on governors and governing bodies have changed dramatically in recent years and this guidance has been written to help aspiring governors understand the expectations and demands of the role of the Governing Body.

How the Governing Body Works

  • How the governing body is structured – Chair of Governors, 4 x Co-Opted Governors, 1 x LA Governor – non-affiliated, 2 x Parent Governors, 1 x Staff Governor, Headteacher and Clerk
  • Frequency of meetings – A Full Governors, Finance and Personnel Committees meet 4 times each academic year and are approximately 2 hours long. The three remaining committees – Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare (Health and Safety); Residence; and Teaching, Learning & Assessment (Curriculum) – hold a meeting every term and these will range from 1-2 hours in length depending on the agenda.