Medication in School

Non-Controlled Medication in school and the Medication

In order that we comply with Ofsted and Local authority, standards regarding medication please note following information.

  • Any medication must be sent in its original packaging, with a clear
    pharmacy label. This includes inhalers, tablets and liquid medication.
  • Please contact school before sending medication in so that we can send you
    a consent form to complete or print, complete and return the consent form
    attached to this letter.
  • If your child has a reoccurring complaint, or short-term issue such as
    a toothache that requires medication such as Paracetamol, it can only be
    administered in school if it has been prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by
    a pharmacy.
  • We are unable to administer any medication sent in the incorrect packaging or
    with incomplete instructions.
  • Any medication should be passed to the bus or taxi escort to bring to the Care
    office and NOT sent in with the student.

If you have any questions regarding medication then please contact a member of the Care and Intervention Team.