Medication in School

Please click HERE to go to the Mandatory Policies section to download the Medication Policy at our School.  The policy includes the Parental Agreement for Administering non-controlled Medication in School form – this is essential before sending medication in to school.

Dear Parent/Carer

In order that we comply with Ofsted and Local Authority standards regarding medication, please note the following information:

  • Any medication must be sent in its original packaging, with a clear pharmacy label.  This includes inhalers, tablets and liquid medication
  • Most medication comes into school at predicted intervals, such as the start of residence.  We provide packs that include consent forms and a single use secure envelope for this and you can request these at any time
  • Please contact school before sending medication in so that we can send you a consent form to complete or print, complete and return the consent form attached to this letter
  • Controlled medication, such as Equasym, Ritalin, and Concerta must not be sent in without contacting the Care team prior to it being sent.  A single use security envelope, or delivery in person, is the only way controlled medication should come in to school
  • If your child has a reoccurring complaint, or short term issue such as toothache, that requires medication such as Paracetamol, it can only be administered in school if it has been sent in with a consent form. It must be in its original packaging
  •  We are unable to administer any medication sent in the incorrect packaging or with incomplete instructions
  • Any medication should be passed to the bus or taxi escort to bring to the Care Office and NOT sent in with the student.

 If you have any questions regarding medication then please contact a member of the Care and Intervention Team.

 Kirsty North

 Care and Intervention Team Lead.