Preperation for Adulthood (P4A)

To download a copy of the Preperation for Adultdood Curriculum document, please click HERE.

The P4A is at the heart of Maplewell curriculum. It has been developed to give students a well-rounded education, giving them skills that they will need as they progress into adulthood. The students will have the opportunity to take part in lessons that are impactful and experiential with many skill building activities that students will take with them into adult life.

Key stage 3 curriculum

Preparation For Adulthood (P4A) in Maplewell focuses on three main areas

  1. Health and wellbeing
  2. Relationships
  3. Living in the wider world

In year 7 students are introduced to P4A and given a chance to understand the benefits of how it will help them become more aware and help them into adulthood. Students are shown the topics that will be covered and are taught in a relaxed and informative environment.

Key stage 4 curriculum

Students still cover the three main areas of:

  1. Health and wellbeing
  2. Relationships
  3. Living in the wider world

KS4 get to partake in an Enterprise project that it is an excellent means of creating purpose for learning for our students and making the link between effort and money as well as developing a huge range of other skills for example:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved money recognition and maths skills
  • Breakdown barriers between the public and our students
  • Increase employability skills
  • Develop an understanding of how business works
  • Team work & problem solving
  • Increased enthusiasm by creating clear purpose for learning
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Willingness to take responsibility and show initiative
  • Time management

Curriculum opportunities

In P4A we have many outside companies coming in to work with our students to help them on their journey towards being an adult.

Loudmouth Theatre in Education Company come in to work with our students with interactive performances on bullying and domestic abuse, students were able to get advice and a real insight into serious topics.

St Johns ambulance work with our KS3 students on first aid where they will get the opportunity to gain a certificate for learning new skills.

Other organisations:

  • Water safety
  • Police
  • Samaritans

Maplewell runs a Period Awareness and Development workshop for our girls within the school. It was very successful with many students having an opportunity to speak to staff about feelings and their bodies.

Staff quotes

“A fantastic event. Very informative. The students were still taking about it the next day.”

“So wonderful to see so many girls at the workshop.  A few embarrassed giggles but so many valid questions were asked and answered”

“Can I just say a huge well done to all involved? The workshop was well led and organised – girls of all ages were asking questions and from what I could hear, getting a lot of information out of it.”


In KS4 student have the opportunity to do an enterprise project where they learn to make and selling Christmas wreaths. The topic is stretch over the first term in the lead up for Christmas. Students get to learn what skills are required in a working environment and do many tasks that require teamwork. They then get to learn how to market and design a Christmas wreath and learnt questions to ask when conducting a survey within the school.

Cross Curricular Links

Preparation at Maplewell Hall School give students the opportunity to use skills covered in other subject in the school within the subject.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Assessment is monitored through Go For Schools and through formative and summative assessment.

preperation for adulthood