Residential – Outline for new students and their parents/carers

We are fortunate to be able to offer students at Maplewell the opportunity to have short residential stays at school. These are usually offered for two nights a week for half a term at a time. When your child is being offered the chance to stay we will send you an invitation letter and an activity choice sheet. On this, your child will be able to state their preference for the activities that are being offered that term.

resi 1

Students who attend residence have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities that support academic, physical and social learning.

Resi 2

They are encouraged to develop their independence skills with activities such as making snacks and drinks, and learning household tasks such as vacuuming or making a hot drink.

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Students are encouraged to develop their personal care, particularly with hygiene skills, looking after their clothes and keeping their room tidy.

Feedback shows that for many of them one of the things that students appreciate the most about doing residence is spending time with their friends, and making new ones. We make sure that during the evening there is time for them to relax, share games or watch TV together.

Resi 5

During the residential stay, students will be asked for their ideas about additional activities that we may be able to include, for example, suggesting what the group do for an end of term outing. The residential students have representatives on the Student Voice Council. Through them, they can suggest changes or improvements they might like to see or plan inter-house challenges.
Students who have medical needs are supported by an experienced staff team.

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Your child may be unsure about staying away from home but we will work with you to support them with this. Some students start with staying for After School Club, then stay over for one night, then increase it to two nights. Some students choose not to do residence when first offered but it can be offered again to any student during their time in Key stages 3 and 4. For students in Key stage 5 residence is offered in one week block, with typically two of these happening in an academic year. Their activities are tailored to their specific needs such as budgeting and cooking.

If you would like to know more about the residential provision then please contact Kirsty North, Care and Intervention Team Leader.