Pedagogical Approaches – Lesson Study

Lesson Study

Identifying successful Pedagogical Approaches for Teaching Students with SEND.



Why introduce a lesson study focusing on pedagogical approach to teaching and learning across the school at MHS?

Students and Teachers

  • To develop and share knowledge and understanding of different strategies to improve classroom practice.
  • To further develop skills and knowledge on how students learn.
  • To promote research in cognitive science.
  • Research on the classroom practice of the master teachers
  • To develop strategies of how can learning facts make thinking more enjoyable—and more effective?
  • Research on cognitive support to help students learn complex tasks.



What are you going to do – what teaching approaches are you going to use?

  • Developing a research group to look for outstanding practice in teaching and learning.
  • Promoting ‘open door policy’ for sharing good practise
  • Peer coaching by and for teachers
  • Implementing staff library to promote research.
  • Whole staff training
    • Staff to receive CPD trainings on chosen aspect of pedagogical approaches.
    • Working in partnership with other stakeholders.
    • Evidence based practice, implementation process through research lesson study group and CPD.
    • All staff to receive training on principles of instruction of master teaching.


  • Training
    • Inter school collaboration as a part of peer support network
    • Training programme for specific staff on good and outstanding teaching practice.
    • Whole school staff training on aspects of pedagogical approach to teaching
  • Coaching
    • Head of Department acts as coach to teachers who require support.
    • Focus group to coach teachers/support staff/ intervention staff throughout the lifespan of the project
  • Educational materials
    • Research for development of pedagogical approach


Monitoring and Evaluations

  •  Staff to record good practice of the teaching practice which will then be shared between the foci group
  • The foci group will analyse observations of observed lesson and the impact it had on the students’ progress
  • On–going monitoring of quality first teaching provided by SLT


  • Increased teachers confidence and knowledge re pedagogical approach to teaching
  • Increased access to broadening texts and greater time spent research by teachers
  • Implanted staff library that gives staff access to wide research.
  • Teachers are equipped with the skills to teach confidently to different age groups and are able to assess effectively.
  • Share good practice of teaching across the school to enable the students to succeed at improving their progress
  • Improved teachers’ confidence and self- efficacy when delivering a lesson.