At Maplewell Hall School, Humanities incorporates History and Geography.

We believe that Humanities is for everyone. We want to give our students the right knowledge and skills to enable them to reach their future destination – whatever or wherever that may be.

We recognise that within each classroom there will be pupils working at different levels of challenge. We aim to provide suitable learning opportunities by matching the challenge of the task to the ability of the child. In addition to this, teaching and support staff are deployed effectively to maximise each pupil’s potential and to allow them to achieve ‘success’.

In Humanities lessons we strive for progression both academically and holistically. We aim to engage and enthuse students in their learning and inspire and foster a deep seated sense of self belief; which will aid them in becoming lifelong learners.

Whilst Humanities is not currently offered at KS4, the new progression model curriculum that has been implemented this year has been designed to prepare students for GCSE Geography and History at the end of year 9 and will be offered shortly.

Click HERE to view the curriculum overview for Humanities 2021/22