We appreciate the importance of home and school links and the need for parents and teachers to work together to ensure a good education for the children. It is for this reason that we set regular homework in school, although the homework set will vary according to the key stage and ability of the child. The over-riding principle is that children benefit if they have parental support in their learning.

Parents feedback on student homework – December 2021
  • 86% of parents think that homework is a valuable task
  • 60% of parents think that the homework given by the school each week is about the right and 23% would like more homework
  • Around 60% of parents said that their child/ren enjoy Maths and English, and 37% enjoy Science.
  • 73% of parents find the level of the homework about right
  • 82% of parents can support their child/ren with the set homework

Format of homework:

Homework tasks can be given in many different forms see the table below and may be differentiated to reflect the individual needs of the children in the class.
Set homework will allow the pupils to use different skills and techniques from the subjects that they are taught in school. This will hopefully engage the pupils with learning at home and provide them with some fun experiences that they can share with parents or carers at home.

Homework is given on a regular basis throughout the school following the schedule below.

The homework calendar 2021/2022 is available to download by pressing the links below:

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