The Eaves

The Eaves provides a base for students with additional and exceptional needs including ASD at Maplewell Hall. The students who are based in The Eaves are selected according to need with an ongoing review of needs

There are two classes one for KS3 students and one for KS4.

The students in KS3 have most of their lessons in the base moving for some subject lessons to the designated classes for DT, Art, PE and IT. This ensures students have fewer and smoother transitions. They are supported by the same staff in familiar surroundings.

The KS4 students choose options along with the KS4 students using The Eaves as a base for tutor times and breaks. Students are supported with transitions, independence and social maturity.

There is a sensory room, ball room and garden area which are all easily accessible from the base. The students have access to these areas as required to support them in managing their sensory and emotional needs.

The SPELL framework is a key to the teaching and learning environment in The Eaves.

Structure – visual timetable and lesson structure.

Positivity- lessons are pitched to ensure students reach their full potential.

Empathy- content of lessons promotes tolerance and acceptance.

Low-arousal- classrooms are calm and tidy and displays consistent throughout the school.

Links-close liaison with home and a staff team approach to meeting the needs of the students.