Student destinations

Sustainability & Transition Key Stage 4

Destination of Yr11 Students Jul 2016 %
Maplewell K5 75
Brooksby College 18.75
Rawlins College 6.25

We aim to ensure that students in year 11 are informed of the variety of options open to them after completing their key stage 4 studies. In addition, we enrich our annual review process by inviting various colleges and education providers to school to enable students and parents to fully explore the options available to them. It is a testament to the quality of education Maplewell provides that 75% of students completing year 11 stayed on to access the Maplewell K5 curriculum.

Nationally, 94% of all pupils were in sustained education, employment or training in the year after key stage 4 in 2013/14. At Maplewell, 100% of year 11 students went on to secure further education opportunities.

Special educational needs pupils were less likely to have a sustained education, employment or training destination than all other pupils in 2015. 91% of pupils with a statement of special educational needs were recorded in a sustained destination and 88% of pupils on ‘school action/ school action plus’. Maplewell were able to ensure 100% of students leaving key stage 4 accessed sustained education.

In 2015 nationally, just over half of pupils from special schools (51%) stayed in the special school sector after completing key stage 4. Maplewell retaining 75% of its students after key stage 4 proves that what we offer in key stage 5 is both attractive, inspiring, and appropriate.

Parents are extremely happy with the quality of provision, support and care that we provide at Maplewell. Year 11 parents are impressed with the opportunities provided for their children, resulting in a high percentage of parents stating that they would recommend Maplewell to any other parents considering our school, 100%. Considering a maximum score of 4 can be given for each question, an average score of 3.8 shows that parents believe their child is very happy at school.

Low aspirations of some families are tackled skilfully, some students are now in the second generation in one family who have special educational needs. Greater partnership working with families especially through the appointment of additional Home School Link Worker has improved outcomes for these students. This is a significant reason why parents and students alike choose to continue their education at Maplewell.

Sustainability & Transition Key Stage 5

Destination No.
MHS 19
Brooksby 5
Holmfield 1
Stephensons 4
Burton College 1
South Leics College 2
L’boro College 4
Leics College 2
Employment 2
Birchwood School 1
Unemployment 0
Destination Unknown 0

We then promote our own post 16 provision as a ‘Departure Lounge’, preparing and expertly educating students ready for their next step. When students are ready to depart Maplewell, whether, in year 12, 13, or 14, we employ a gradual transition process and ensure each student move is initially supported. More and more students in K5 are choosing to pursue work-related destinations and we understand that jobs and careers can start at any time in a calendar year. As a result, our extensive ‘Preparation 4 Adulthood’ programme is designed to meet the needs of not only those wishing to access employment but also college placements. In addition, the programme is designed to prepare students for life outside the school gates, developing independence and life skills.

Nationally, 88% of all students were in sustained education or employment after key stage 5. At Maplewell 100% of students leaving our key stage 5 provision went on to access additional educational opportunities or employment. This, of course, means that 100% of disadvantaged students leaving Maplewell accessed employment or additional education compared to 84% of nationally.

Nationally, school students with special educational needs completing key stage 5, a lower proportion (86%) were recorded in sustained education, employment or training destinations in 2014/15 than for all other school students, at 91%. Maplewell recorded 100%.