The Role of the Tutor

The tutor and tutor team are members of the Complementary Pastoral Support (COMPASS) Team. Their role is to provide Wave 1 pastoral support for their tutees and support the delivery of Waves 2-4 support for their tutees.

The role of the tutor and tutor team can be summarised as ensuring tutees are:

  • safe (Child Protection);
  • engaged (Positive behaviour for Learning);
  • prepared for further education, employment and independent adult life (Preparation for Adulthood).

Tutors and their teams perform these roles by:

  • Working within the guidelines set out in school policies;
  • Making decisions in the best interests of every child;
  • Modelling expected behaviours and acting as role models;
  • Promoting high expectations and independence;
  • Supporting the work of subject teachers;
  • Communicating effectively with staff, parents and carers, students and other professionals;
  • Establishing clear reward systems;
  • Applying the school’s points system, rules and expectations consistently;
  • Encouraging participation in the House system; and
  • Delivering high-quality Preparation for Adulthood activities.