Student Support

At Maplewell, we understand that for students to be able to learn, they must also be ready to learn.

To be ready to learn, students need to be:

  • healthy, both physically and emotionally;
  • attending school;
  • regulating their emotions and their behaviour;
  • able to accept criticism; and
  • prepared to work hard.

Pastoral Care at Maplewell is about providing appropriate support to all students so that they are ready to learn.

Read on to find out more about what we do to support students and make sure they are ready to learn.

Wave 1

Every student at Maplewell benefits from COMPASS Wave 1 support from their tutors and tutor team staff.

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Wave 2

Some students at Maplewell need a bit more COMPASS support. At Wave 2, students receive this extra help from one of our COMPASS team staff.

The COMPASS team are made up of Home/School Link workers and Student Support Workers.

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Wave 3

Students whose COMPASS needs cannot be met at Wave 1 or 2 will be referred to one of our COMPASS therapists.

At Wave 3, we are able to offer: