Keeping Safe Online

It is important that you stay safe when using social media or the internet as it can cause issues in keeping safe and sometimes friendships. The world of social media and internet can be a very exciting place but you need to learn the best ways to use it to support with your learning into adulthood.

Sometimes some of these issues can affect you or others in many different ways. You need to learn how to keep safe and an understanding of how it can affect others sometimes.

At Maplewell we will learn further about keeping safe during the ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ lessons. We also have access to professionals who can come and talk about the potential issues or risks that may occur. It is important that you learn about this in school as at times you can be very vulnerable and we want you to all be safe.

Pupils can access information at home to help them learn about this further. has a fantastic range of resources that have been developed to help you stay safe has a range of resources to support you in being safe

Remember if you are unsure about anything that is happening online you should discuss it with an adult that you know well as soon as possible. There are a lot of things that can go wrong so always think before you send any personal details to other people.

Always look for this sign if you feel that you are at risk.


Make sure you stay safe online!