Annual Reviews

Every child at Maplewell has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). It is a legal requirement for this EHCP to be reviewed every year. Your child’s annual review meeting is their most important meeting of the school year.

Annual reviews help us to track your child’s progress towards adulthood; it helps us to know where you and your child want to go when they leave Maplewell; Your child’s annual review will be chaired by a level 6 qualified Careers Guidance professional at least once in each Key Stage to help make sure you and your child are getting high quality career guidance to help make the right decisions for you and your child.

Your child will be invited to attend the annual review. For some children it might be appropriate for them to attend just a small part of the meeting. As they get older, they will be expected to attend more of the meeting. If they are considering leaving Maplewell at the end of Year 11, they should attend the whole meeting. All K5 students should be attending the whole meeting. We recognise that not all students will want to attend the meetings, but we encourage and support them to do so whilst also respecting their views and wishes.

It is important that everyone attending the annual review agree to work together to decide what is best for the child. You can download our Annual Review Charter click below

Annual Review Charter

During the meeting, all adults will be asked to comment on the child’s Preparation for Adulthood so that we can have an accurate idea of how independent the child is in the following areas: Health; Employment; Independent Living; and Friends,Relationships and Community Inclusion. You can download a document here to help you do this by clicking


You can download a parents and carers guide to our annual reviews by clicking