Summer School

Maplewell Summer School 2015

We welcomed our new Y7’s to our Summer school during August 2015. This was a brilliant opportunity for the pupils to get to know our school site and the Year 7 teachers came along to guide them through activities. Pupils used the Year 7 base for some activities and other specialist areas around the site.

Pupils enjoyed the Art and craft activities that were available in the art room. They took home their creations and decorated the year 7 base. They love trying out the different skills that we have available to get them ready for the key stage 3 curriculum.

Miss McLaren supported the pupils in creating some outstanding drama performances. The results were amazing and developed their speaking skills as well as their confidence. They all got on the stage to perform their creations and came back buzzing from the experience.

Mrs Tarry used creative literacy skills to boost English skills ready for the pupils joining us in August. They explored the woods, recorded a diary of their week and had an egg hunt to finish. This really helped pupils to recall their previous knowledge.

Pupils explored Maths by using 3D and practical methods. They created a huge weaving based on symmetry, completed a survey on fish in our stream and completed it with a treasure hunt around the grounds. Pupils recalled their learning from Primary school well at this stage of the summer holiday.

This is a great opportunity for pupils to build friendships and to support the transition into our School. We use a structured approach to get pupils ready for learning in Year 7. It is great to see the school site being used by our pupils during the holiday as it holds so many outstanding activities.