Access to Independent Aid

Pupils at Maplewell are able to contact the Mosaic Advocacy service to support them at any time throughout their time at Maplewell. Pupils should think of advocacy as a ‘process’ with a number of different methods that can be used in that process. The definition of advocacy (agreed by the Network of Advocacy Projects in Leicester and Leicestershire) is:

‘Advocacy promotes social inclusion, equality and justice by empowering people. It enables people to express their personal views and needs, thereby achieving their rights and entitlements. It also assists people in securing relevant information and knowledge, enabling them to make informed choices’.

The service has been chosen due to their understanding of our pupils SEN needs. Pupils can contact the service and they will be given independent advice and support to enable them to overcome any problems they may have.

You can link to their web page here

MOSAIC Advocacy Service

or contact them using the details below:


2 Oak Spinney Park
Ratby Lane
Leicester Forest East

Phone: 0116  2318 720