To download a copy of the KS5 Employability Qualification document, please click HERE.

K5 Employability Qualifications

Employability Skills qualifications are designed to support a student successfully gaining a job, progressing in a chosen field, preparing the individual for further study and supporting the development of techniques required for successful independent living.

These qualifications are aimed at anyone who wants to live a more independent life, progress in education and/or their employment prospects, get into work, or develop on the job or move onto the next job as they progress along the career ladder.

Employability Skills qualifications have been designed in collaboration with a range of experts from various industry sectors, training providers and employment and recruitment professionals to ensure that the content matches what is needed and valued by today’s employment market, while also meeting the needs for study programmes, Traineeships and Tech Bacs.

These qualifications are taught in a classroom environment, however occasionally learners may need to be taught in a work style environment or in a work place itself.

A log book is provided by City & Guilds to complete their Awards, Certificates and Diplomas in Employability Skills Level 1 Units (5546). There are 61 units in total available in the qualification. We discuss with each student which of these units they need to work towards, look at their qualification and then build an individual programme to enable each student to gain their vocational/work placement choice.


City & Guilds Traineeships include bespoke Skills for Work qualifications, e-learning to prepare learners for the job and tools to structure, manage and monitor work experience.

What are Traineeships?

  • Work experience – to give the young person meaningful work experience and to develop workplace skills
  • Work preparation training – to prepare learners with the Skills for Work in a particular sector as well as Employability Skills covering areas like CV writing, interview preparation, job searches and inter-personal skills
  • English and maths – these are seen as crucial employability skills

There are new Work Preparation qualifications called ‘Skills for Work’ which enable us to devise bespoke Traineeship programmes.

These Employability-vocational taster qualifications are available in the following sectors:

  • Health, Adult Care and Childcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Construction

Currently we have a selection of students running a café in the village of Woodhouse Eaves.

These qualifications are intended to be accessible to a wide range of students of all abilities. Students can develop a ‘hands-on’ approach to their learning and gain practical skills, knowledge and understanding in their chosen vocational area.  The skills, knowledge and understanding gained will help students prepare for work through real situations and will contribute to preparing them for working life beyond education.