Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Maplewell Hall School is a practical hands-on subject, encouraging creativity and involvement from students from the start. Stimulation of enthusiasm and understanding health and safety are key teaching outcomes and projects have outcomes that can be taken home and used.

From their very first lesson students will be taught how to work safely to enable them to access the workshop and food rooms, steadily building up their skills to promote students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of a wide range of materials, tools, equipment and processes and becoming more independent throughout KS3. Each form group will spend half a term in one of the two subjects, changing over at the end of the half term.

Year 7

In Design and Technology students gain knowledge of a range of hand and power tools and how to cut and shape both plastic and wood. They have an introduction to CAD and CAM (designing and making with computers) and use their skills and knowledge to make a push – a- long car, a chocolate mould and mini torch. By the end of the year, they should know how to use a coping saw, pillar drill, vacuum former and files to cut and shape their materials.

Students explore the food room and identify all of the equipment used for making various products. The ‘Eat Well’ plate is introduced and pupils look at healthy eating using current government guidelines. They explore the safe use of the oven, hob and a sandwich toaster taking particular care with hot items. Practical lesson’s include a toasted sandwich, fruit salad, pizza toast, soup, meatballs and a fruit crumble.

Year 8

Health and Safety continue to play key learning roles in lessons, as students explore more making processes, more tool use and create a wider range of products. They will explore the properties of different woods and how to cut and shape them; finishing techniques for a variety of plastics including dye sublimation and use of the laser cutter. A mini design and make project is introduced in which students have to design and make a soft toy that looks like themselves including light up eyes.

The focus on healthy eating continues into year 8, with particular research into carbohydrate foods. Students will explore energy foods and where they come from, balanced diets and nutrition for a teenager. They will make several practical dishes including quiches, savoury muffins and pasta bake. All students choose the ingredients that they use and are encouraged to try the food they make.

Year 9

Different joining and finishing techniques are explored as students use textiles and electronics to make a textiles lantern, wood and vinyl to make a candy dispenser and explore de stijl artists when making a clock.

Healthy choices are at the heart of this yeas cooking. Students explore food intolerances and allergies as they also look at making afternoon tea and pastry dishes and festival foods.

Design and Technology

Having progressed through KS3 students have a good grounding to begin more independent work in KS4. We follow an Art and Design GCSE that every student will be given the opportunity to enter. During 2 separate coursework projects students explore artists and craftspeople and create in their style to create portfolios to showcase their skills. GCSE students regularly support Performing Arts by providing the props for their productions. Students will also create an ‘exam piece’ following research into a question set by the exam board. The GCSE exam is a 10-hour practical session in the workshop usually spread over 2 days. Students work is regularly displayed in the display cabinets in reception, please have a look and congratulate them on their very high standards. Trips have included a visit to Loughborough Degree Show, sign making at Artistic Creations and behind the scenes at Loughborough Drama.

Hospitality and Catering

The WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Hospitality and Catering has been designed to support learners in schools and colleges who want to learn about this vocational sector and the potential it can offer them for their careers or further study at the same time as learning valuable life skills in food preparation and nutrition.

  • Students will learn about the hospitality industry and the jobs available to them.
  • They will explore food hygiene and how to work safely with food
  • Students will learn how to cook and present a range of dishes.