After-School Tuition

At Maplewell Hall School, we have introduced and developed a variety of intervention strategies to help support students who have qualified for the Pupil Premium. We have studied the Sutton Trust Report which is a Teaching and Learning Toolkit which provides guidance for teachers and schools on how to use their resources to improve the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. As a result of our research we are committed to providing after-school tuition in English, Maths and Science.

Tuition isn’t just great for those children who might be behind with school work or struggling in the classroom, in fact we’ve seen how after school tuition can benefit students of varying ages and abilities.

At Maplewell tuition is aimed at two groups of students:

  • Those who need a bit of extra support to improve their numeracy and literacy skills
  • Those year 11 students who are sitting GCSE exams, to help get the best possible level

What is After-School Tuition?

After school tuition is an exciting opportunity for our students to access extra tuition in one of the core subjects – English, maths or science. The staffing ratio is usually 1 staff to 2 students although tuition sometimes happens in small groups or 1:1. This decision is based on the needs of the students. Students receive personalised targets and get focussed support and guidance from both the tutor and the student’s class teacher.

The GCSE tuition is very popular among our students. This is a valuable time for exam technique and revision. All of the students who attend these sessions express how much they value this time in preparation for their exams.

The tuition activities take place Monday to Thursday from 3.45pm-4.45pm.

Extra tuition has a high impact on student outcomes and we feel confident that this helps our students to fulfil their potential. Here are just a few benefits of attending the after school tuition program:

  • It helps students enjoy learning
  • Tutoring improves confidence
  • Tutoring can improve students’ grades
  • Tuition forms good learning habits

How is it funded?

After-school tuition incurs no cost for parents of carers. The after-school tuition is funded through the Pupil Premium. Students may be offered after-school tuition if they are in receipt of this Pupil Premium.

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011. It was allocated to children from low-income families who were known to be eligible for free school meals, and children who had been looked after continuously for more than six months. Eligibility for the Pupil Premium for 2012–13 was extended to pupils who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as the Ever6 Free School Meals measure). Schools also receive funding for children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months, and a smaller amount for the children of service personnel. Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit. However, they are accountable for how they use the additional funding to support pupils from low-income families and the other target groups. New measures have been included in the performance tables that show the achievement of pupils who attract the Pupil Premium.

What do our students think?

"It has helped me improve in lots of different ways. I now know how to multiply."
Liam, Year 9
"It’s brilliant because it gives me the chance to revise at school when I might not have the time to revise at home."
Tom, Year 11


If you have any questions regarding after school tuition of the Pupil Premium, please get in touch with Miss Colington who will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. How will I know if my child has after-school tuition?
You will receive a letter from the school and this may be followed by a phone call if further details are to be discussed.


After-school tuition finishes at 4:45pm. Parents/carers can pick up students from school’s reception at this time. If transport is a barrier to accessing after school tuition we are able to arrange transport. Please contact the school if you have any concerns about transport.