Career Programme – Information for Employers

Our aim is for all of our students to go into employment at some point in the future. To help them achieve this aim, we deliver a comprehensive career programme to ensure students have the knowledge and understanding, personal and social skills, attitudes and values to:

  • Know, through experience, about a wide range of work sector settings related to curriculum subjects;
  • Demonstrate employability through meaningful work experience;
  • Have clear ideas and realistic plans about the short, medium and long-term future;
  • Write and update a CV;
  • Complete an application form appropriately and independently;
  • Use a wide range of resources to seek college and job information and vacancies;
  • Have the essential skills to be a realistic candidate for employment;
  • Have good attendance at school or at work;
  • Arrive to a range of activities and events with clothing and equipment that is suitable;
  • Be able to make plans to arrive on time and well-prepared for work and learning;
  • Take part in a range of activities with employers and employees enthusiastically within every subject area;
  • Understand how business works and contribute to successful creative and collaborative enterprise projects within all subject areas.

If you are an employer and you would like to help our students get into employment by offering work experience, opening you workplace to student visits, delivering talks, taking part in mock interviews and CV workshops, or you have a better idea about how you could get involved, then contact the school and ask to speak to Rob Cooper, Deputy Headteacher and Careers Lead.