Our assemblies are an important feature of our school’s life. They act as one of the key ways by which we come together as an entire school community, create our positive reflective ethos and promote our values-based education.

Our Monday assembly is based principally on the Social and Emotional Learning of the students. These play a key role in ensuring children develop strong moral, personal and spiritual values of their own. The whole school community from Yr7 upwards attend Monday assemblies, allowing us to promote a very clear message to all. A focus linked to the assembly theme is set for all students to aspire to and they are also provided with ‘skills card’ on which they can record a signature each time they display the focus of the week. These are then collected at the end of the week and wristbands awarded to the top 20 scorers. These can then be collected and used to gain extra reward points at the end of each term.

On Friday we host the whole school assemblies where children and young people come together to celebrate, share and reflect on school life and achievements, the local community and global dimensions. The benefits of assemblies to both the children and young people at Maplewell Hall School and the school community are vast.

Lessons 1.1
Why manners are useful & necessary – saying please and thank you.

  1. To be able to say why manners are useful
  2. To list a number of good manners that would be useful in school & at home
  3. To be able to role play & use good manners during the week focusing on saying please and thank you

Lessons 1.2
Greeting others and understanding the need for eye contact

  1. To be able to demonstrate appropriate ways to greet others.
  2. To be able to explain what it means to make good eye contact

>Lessons 1.3
Being helpful and kind by doing a job for someone or helping

  1. To be able to explain why we should be helpful and kind and why we offer to do jobs or help someone.
  2. To realise link between kindness and receiving kindness in return
  3. To accept that being kind and helping is part of social life

Lesson 1.4
Giving a compliment

  1. To be able to say why we give compliments.
  2. To be able to give a compliment

Lessons 1.5
Respecting other people’s opinions

  1. To understand & explain what respect means
  2. To understand & demonstrate that they can consider the other person’s point of view by saying: “It is your view and I respect that”

Lessons 1.6
Asking & accepting help in class

  1. To be able to ask for help when needed especially when feeling upset or frustrated
  2. To be able to accurately explain what is upsetting/frustrating them and what help they need

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