Anti Bullying

Maplewell is committed to supporting pupils at Maplewell with our clear anti-bullying message and ethos across the whole school. All staff promote an inclusive environment to ensure that pupils feel safe, happy and secure at all times. All staff care and promote positive well-being across the school at all times. If any pupils express concerns we strive to provide support in overcoming any issues.

Bullying, in any form, is not tolerated at Maplewell. Our anti-bullying policy covers a range of strategies to prevent bullying from occurring at school, alongside issues that can occur outside of school. It is important that all parents/carers work closely with school in preventing issues that may occur via technology outside of school or within the local community. If any issues occur it is important to inform school so that we can put supportive measures in place.

Throughout 2016-17 we worked alongside the Beyond Bullying team at county hall to be a pilot special school in gaining the award at Maplewell.

This review consisted of:

  • A consultation with parent/carers and staff
  • Additional staff and governor training with the Beyond Bullying team
  • An updated policy that reflects the practice and ethos across the school
  • A pupil charter and friendly policy to support and embed our anti-bullying policy
  • A Maplewell anti-bullying poster to promote positive ethos and inclusion
  • An online system that records all inappropriate behaviour and any bullying to ensure that we respond appropriately to these incidents

Further supportive information can be found on the Beyond Bullying website.

Beyond Bullying

Each year pupils will receive lessons about anti-bullying that supports their understanding of our school charter that is signed during tutor time:

Reporting an incident of bullying

If your child reports any incident of bullying please let us know at school as soon as possible. In the first instance please report your concern to your child’s tutor so that they can feedback any strategies and intervention that may have already been implemented. Their tutor will also flag the concern to other staff and SLT.

If you still have concerns then please speak to a member of SLT. Typically the Assistant Head, who has focus on the relevant Key stage, will look into the incident in further detail and feedback any further strategies or interventions needed.

If you still have concerns around dealing with the incident then you should speak to the Head teacher.

If you are still unhappy with how the issue has been dealt with or resolved please refer to our complaints procedure and policy within our Mandatory Policies section of our website.