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A Message from your teachers 

Good Luck with your revision, Year 11

  • Start EARLY! It is never too soon to begin the revision process.
  • Plan a revision schedule. This will prevent you from falling behind in one area and help you stay calm and confident.
  • Take Topics at a time and enjoy the process of revising.
  • You must be POSITIVE. Believe in yourself and your own abilities. Everyone can succeed. Never give up!
  • Never revise in a PANIC. You will just confuse yourself.
  • Talk to staff about your areas of weakness. Everybody wants what is best for you and are willing to offer you support. Help is always out there to clarify: teachers, the Internet—Bitesize,

I know that you can do well and I wish you the best of luck!

Miss Glinka

Assistant Headteacher

Please look at the following links to help you revise:


Exam Concessions – Click HERE

Maths Revision: 

Key Facts for Foundation GCSE Maths – click HERE

Key Facts for Higher GCSE Maths – click HERE

Maths – Publication Glossary – click HERE

Maths Revision Booklet – click HERE

English Revision:

English Language GCSE Exam Revision Guide – click HERE

Science Revision:

Science Revision Tick List – click HERE

Science Equation List – click HERE

RE Revision: Religion and Life Revision guide – click HERE