Residential & After School Provision

“students thoroughly enjoy the residential provision. they flourish and thrive in an inclusive and nurturing environment. They say ‘Residential is brilliant’ and ‘awsome’ ”
– Ofsted MArch 2014

The residential provision offers students the chance to experience staying away from home and to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities that promote independence, a healthy lifestyle and self-confidence. It also provides students with the opportunity to spend time with their friends and to make new ones.

We typically offer students the opportunity to stay in the residence for two nights per week for half a term. We also offer After School Club. Where students stay until 7:30 pm to take part in all of the fun activities. The activities can include cycling skills, fundraising, healthy eating, budgeting skills, photography, DIY, First aid and teamwork games. The activities are tailored to suit the individual needs of the students.

The provision is staffed by four full-time members of the Care & Intervention Team, and supported by Learning Support Assistants. Students have a choice of shared or single bedrooms. Two staff members sleep at the school and a member of waking night staff is on duty to support students during the night.

“I love staying in resi. I’ve even learnt to ride a bike!”
– Year 7 student July 2014