Residence Safety and Wellbeing

Policy and processes for Safety and Wellbeing during Residence

The purpose of this policy is to identify processes for staff and students in residence to ensure their safety and welfare.

It recognises that there are aspects of welfare that are different during times that the
main school is not open.

Whole school policies such as Health and Safety and Safeguarding and child protection are still paramount and apply to the residential provision equally.


During the active part of the evening, there is four staff on duty which includes a member of the senior leadership team (SLT). A minimum of three staff are on duty until 9pm.

During the overnight and early morning period, this will comprise of two staff who
sleep in and the Waking Night Staff.

If a circumstance occurs where a member of staff needs to leave, for example, to accompany a student to the hospital then a member of senior leadership must be informed. A dynamic risk assessment must be discussed between the senior staff member on duty and the member of SLT to determine if additional support is required. The SLT staff member will attend in person if required or arrange for another member of staff to go to the school.

When groups go off site with staff for activities any remaining students must be supported by a minimum of two staff. This must be agreed and identified with the senior staff member and the SLT staff member on duty must be notified.

Communication – when the staff takes groups to areas around the school they must take a two-way radio with the other radio held by the other lead staff member. This enables staff to stay in touch and notify each other if there are changes to their location. The default channel for the radio is number 1 and the operation must be checked before taking the group.

When staff goes to activities they must take a group list with them and ensure all students are present at the start of the activity. Any discrepancy must be acted upon.


Students must be regularly reminded of the need for safety during their stay in residence. There are rules in place which the students are made aware of at the start of their stay and any instances of not following this guidance are to be dealt with by the staff as they occur.

The key safety points are:

  • Students should not leave the residential area or their activity without staff permission.
  • Students must not enter a room or area of the provision, such as the shower block unless a member of staff is present. (This does not apply to their own
  • Students should report concerns as they arise and are reminded of this at the start of each stay.

Safety and Security

The senior staff member on duty is responsible for ensuring that the main building is secure at the end of the evening and the Waking night staff has a routine of checks to complete once the students are in bed. The building alarms are then set. Classrooms and outside areas are locked by the site staff but can be accessed by residential staff. They are responsible for locking and alarming the area as they finish their activity.

If there are any immediate concerns about the school buildings then the Site manager or his deputy should be contacted for advice. If necessary they will come out to address the issue. In their absence, a member of SLT can be contacted for advice.

If an issue arises with the building alarm then the senior member of staff contacts the alarm monitoring company as per instructions held in the medical room. In the case of an emergency such as a suspected burglary/intrusion then the police must be contacted. Staff should not investigate as this may put themselves in harm’s way.

In the event of an occurrence which has safety implications for staff and students, then the same actions as outlined in the fire procedure must be followed. This would include events such as a suspected gas leak or an electrical safety issue. Ensuring students and staff are removed to a safe location is priority before contacting emergency services.