Letters Home

We understand the value and importance of communicating with parents and carers on a regular basis.  Newsletters are published each half term outlining activities and information that has taken place along with important dates and information.

Letters home are given to the bus and taxi escorts to give to parents, but please check your child’s school bag for letters.  As a back-up for parents, copies of all communications sent home will be available for you to download from this page.  If a response is required by a deadline, that date will also be listed below.

 Year Group


Date   Published

Action   Required


Selected Students Valencia trip – Information 18th January 2016 Reply Slip  22nd January 2016
Selected Students Cross Country Aylestone letter 4th February 2016 Reply Slip 9th February 2016
 Whole School Maplewell Hall School Scouts 12th February 2016 For Information  N/A
 Whole School  Internet Safety Letter  15th February 2016  For Information  N/A
 KS4 & KS5  GCSE Maths Letter  26th February 2016  Reply Slip Asap
 Yr7, 8, 9, 10 & 11  Easter Egg Challenge  3rd March 2016  Reply Slip  11th March 2016
 Selected Students  Sports Leadership Camp 2016  4th March 2016   Reply Slip  7th March 2016
 Yr9 & Yr11  Core Assets 14.03.16 LetterCore Assets 4 Leaflet  14th March 2016  For Information  N/A
 Selected Students  Cross Country Letter  16th March 2016  For Information  N/A
 Selected Students School Games Letter  17th March 2016  Reply Slip  Asap
 Whole School  CAMHS Clinic Letter  18th March 2016  Reply Slip  24th March 2016
 Yr11  Yr11 Well-Being Letter  22nd March 2016  Reply Slip  24th March 2016
 Selected Students  Moving Together Legally Blonde Letter  23rd March 2016  Reply Slip  24th March 2016
 Selected Students Food Tech Trip Friday 29th April  21st April 2016  Reply Slip  Asap
 Selected Students  Brooksby Melton College Farm Trip Letter  21st April 2016  Reply Slip  Asap
 Selected Students  Athletics Championships Letter  21st April 2016  Reply Slip  Asap
 Selected Students  Food Tech Trip Friday 6th May Letter  21st April 2016  Reply Slip  Asap
 Selected Students  Spanish Trip Information Letter  21st April 2016 For Information  N/A
 Yr7  Yr 7 Trip to Lutterworth College – Sleeping Beauty  25th April 2016  Reply Slip  Asap
 Selected Students  Loughborough Carillon Trip  29th April 2016  Reply Slip  Asap
 Selected Students Summer Residential Camp  3rd May 2016  Reply Slip  Asap
 Selected Students  King Power Football Trip  3rd May 2016  Reply Slip  Asap