Summer Festival 2015

British Summer Time officially began on Saturday 27th June 2015 when our 3rd Annual Summer festival was held in the beautiful surroundings of the school grounds. With the previous festivals being a resounding success, we had high hopes and we weren’t disappointed. The glorious weather brought visitors by the carload enjoying all the activities on offer.

In addition to the craft stalls, people took advantage of our school run tombola stalls, book stall and lucky dip. A big draw was the chance to meet and feed an alpaca or a ride on a pony! The bar area was particularly popular with the guests as was the BBQ food on offer. Live music and dance acts performed on the staged area and kept the party atmosphere alive.

A great day was had by all and a big thanks to those who helped out – including Welbeck students, staff, parents and members of our FOMS group.

Monies raised for the school totalled £1858.53

Unclaimed Raffle Prizes

There are still a number of raffle prizes outstanding for collection, please see the details below to see if you hold a winning ticket.  Please contact the school if you are a prize winner!






(if applicable)

YELLOW 559 AB314007 £30 Purple Pig Meats Voucher Diddies Dad
YELLOW 603 AB314007 BMW Toy Car N/A
YELLOW 628 AB314007 Billy Bates Vouchers Julie
YELLOW 633 AB314007 £10 Beauty Rooms Voucher Julie
GREEN 9 A13MHJ45 Family Entry to Stonehurst   Farm N/A
GREEN 198 A13MHJ45 £10 Cooks Farm Shop Voucher Lees
BLUE 749 AE481G51 £25 Ragdale Hall Voucher Toni Simpson
BLUE 751 AE481G51 Julian  Calcutt Hair Voucher  
BLUE 894 AE481G51 £10 High Street Clothes   Voucher Sofia
BLUE 938 AE481G51 Free MOT @ Archie Moss Molly Bruin
BLUE 944 AE481G51 Walk with Alapacas Emma Kompka
PINK 39 DR4516 Billy Bates Vouchers N/A
PINK 73 DR4516 Charnwood Brewery Ales N/A