National Online Safety: Wake Up Wednesday 10

Download your free guide to home internet controls for parents & carers!

Happy #WakeUpWednesday! It can feel like an uphill challenge to keep children away from harmful content on the internet, so this week we’re issuing a free home (and device) internet controls guide for parents and carers.

The internet is full of harmful content, which is why web filtering is such an important tool for any family. When running properly, it protects your children from the bad things on the internet, regardless of whether they’re trying to access that type of content on purpose or it happens by accident.

Download your free guide here

Interested in our online safety course for parents and carers?

National Online Safety have a range of information, training and resources for parents and carers. The school subscribes to this service so that you can access them. Login to your National Online Safety account, or create an account here.

Many thanks for your continued support and for helping us to achieve a safer online world for children!