Key Stage 5

Our key stage 5 curriculum centres around providing our pupils with developing the skills for life, college and work. Pupils have a curriculum offer that enables them to develop their skills and learning in: –

  • English
  • Maths
  • Preparation for adulthood
  • ICT
  • Vocational studies
  • A range of specialist subjects
  • Travel training
  • Work experience and placements
  • Employability

Based on each pupils skills we create 3 pathways within our curriculum that promote: –

  • Work
  • College and
  • Independent living skills

Pupils are able to move between these groups as they move through Post 16. Pupils will study a variety of units to demonstrate their learning and understanding.

Core subject Learning

For English and Maths pupils are able to study these subjects to continue with their successful progress at key stage 4. They typically work towards: –

  • GCSE grades or
  • Level 1 and/or 2 Gateway qualification or
  • Life skill based English and Maths skills

The pathway that pupils study is based on previous learning and teacher assessments to ensure that these subjects are meaningful and accurately represent the individual pupil. This enables them to move successfully into college or work after Post-16.

Progression Diploma

All pupils study a variety of unit from the Progression Diploma and it enables them to build skills and understanding of the world around them, alongside an understanding of self and others. Pupils can achieve this qualification as: –

  • Individual unit credits or
  • Award or
  • Certificate or
  • Diploma

The diploma is studied at Level 1 or 2 for all pupils. It covers units that ensure pupils are learning about preparation for adulthood, independence skills, culture, sex and relationships, employability skills and personal development. Units included support: –

  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Building independence
  • Preparing pupils for college and work
  • Understanding and building safety awareness
  • Personal development

Pupils will complete a variety of units throughout their time in Post-16 and gain recognition of this qualification as above.

Vocational Studies

Pupils will complete a qualification in vocational studies and this prepares them for college or the world of work. This qualification can be formally recognised as: –

  • Individual unit credits or
  • Award or
  • Certificate or
  • Extended certificate or
  • Diploma

Vocational studies is studied at Level 1 or 2 for all pupils. This qualification enables them to choose a variety of options from: –

  • Performing Arts
  • Art and Design
  • Food
  • Vocational studies- gardening, animal care, basic construction skills etc
  • Sport
  • Retail
  • Childcare

Alongside choosing these options pupils will also complete units in employability. These units cover: –

  • Preparing for work
  • Completing a CV
  • Completing an application form
  • Interview techniques
  • Understanding of the recruitment process

Travel Training

All pupils are able to access our travel training programme and we have a differentiated approach to developing these skills for all. Pupils will visit various places with the support of staff across Leicestershire and beyond. All pupils will be taught to access public transport and will receive training to get home using these different methods.

All of our pupils take different amounts of time to develop these independence and safety skills. Staff are supporting and assessing this at all times to ensure they develop independence in staying safe.

Work Experience

All pupils will access work experience during their time in Post 16 and this supports their employability skills. We have various links with businesses to support in this key skill. We also provide a range of experiences within the school to build pupils confidence before embarking on work experience in a business.


When pupils join Post-16 they have additional time at the end of Year 11 to ensure successful transitions. The curriculum is very different from what pupils have previously studied in Key stage 4 and they need time to adjust to this.

We also visit a variety of colleges throughout the year to support pupil’s transitions into Further Education (FE). These visits support pupils confidence and understanding of their options for life after Maplewell. We work closely with all colleges to ensure pupils success when they moved into these provisions.