Performing Arts

In performing arts, students develop their skills in singing, acting and dance. Performing arts allows students to creatively express themselves in a different way and it helps build confidence in individuals. At Maplewell Hall School, Performing Arts is valued as it allows our students to develop social and emotional skills in a safe environment. Performing arts develops transferable skills which help them prepare for adult life.

Year 7

In year 7, the students work on building their confidence in the subject. Towards Christmas, they get to be part of a choir and perform as a whole year, singing carols. Students also get to create their own Silent Movies and learn about Charlie Chaplin and mime.


In year 8, students use their confidence and create their own short devised scripts about giving bad news. They also get to explore the topic of ‘Commedia dell’arte’, which allows the student to focus on exaggeration, mime and physical expression. Students also look at topics to do with bullying and its effects. During the summer, students focus on singing songs from musicals and also dance.

Year 9

In year 9, students focus on script work and devising. Students work on projects like Wacky Soap and gang crime and they have to devise pieces of theatre using Levels, Body Language and Facial Expressions. Students are expected to work in a mature manner when exploring sensitive subjects and be empathetic. Later on in the academic year, students get to look at some dancing and singing to help them with their final focus topic, which is Panto. Students get Panto scripts and they learn about stock characters within a traditional pantomime.


Performing arts is a subject that students can choose as an option for KS4. The qualification is a BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Performing Arts. In the first year of the course, the students look at units ‘Taking Part in a Performance’ and ‘Acting Skills’.

The aim of the ‘Taking Part in a Performance’ Unit is to give learners experience of taking part in a performance as a performer. The style of performance in which learners will be partaking, will be an acting variety show.

The aim of the ‘Acting Skills’ Unit is to allow learners to explore some of the skills actors use when preparing for, and performing, a dramatic role. They will achieve this through participation in practical workshops that lead to the performance of a piece of drama to an audience.

In the second year, learners get to view a performance and take part in a formal discussion about the show. The units on which the learners will be focusing are ‘Introduction to the Performing Arts’ and ‘Exploring Musical Theatre Skills’.

In ‘Introduction to the Performing Arts’, learners will find out about local and national performance venues. They will discover the types of shows that are performed and the variety of job roles that can be undertaken within these venues.

The unit ‘Exploring Musical Theatre Skills’ looks at the popular and enduring form of theatrical entertainment which is Musical Theatre. In this unit, learners will explore the skills used by musical theatre performers, combining dancing, acting and singing skills in workshops, rehearsals and performances. Learners will work with their tutor on the preparation of chorus numbers from musicals.

This course allows student to take part in a performance in both years and parents and carers are invited, and view it as part of their exam.

Mrs D Stanton
February 2017

Performing Arts – Feb17