English at Maplewell Hall School is an exciting subject. Our curriculum has recently been revamped in line with the new National Curriculum and Programmes of Study for English at all Key Stages so as to inspire and engage all learners and enable them to achieve their very best. Our teachers are a skilled and passionate bunch dedicated to bringing about success for all our students. We are very proud of the great rates of the progress our students make in English.

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 Key Stage 3

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9, study a range of modules that are designed to motivate and equip them with strong skills in Reading, Writing and Spoken English in preparation for their exam studies at Key Stage 4.

Assessment at Key Stage 3 is based on our mastery tracking APP (Assessing Pupils’ Progress). This assessment framework allows teachers a rigorous method of moderation that ensures all are assessing students’ work consistently. What’s more, this system empowers our students to identify their strong points and lets them identify the steps they have to take to propel themselves to the next stage.

Key Stage 4

We offer qualifications to suit all abilities at Key Stage 4.

Students working below the Prep stage of our mastery tracking assessment system, study for an Entry Level Certificate in English at Key Stage 4.

Students working at or above the Prep stage of our mastery tracking assessment system, study for GCSEs in English Language and English Literature.

Assessment at Key Stage 4 follows a similar system to that at KS3 with assessment frameworks built around the skills needed to successfully achieve in each qualification.

Key Stage 5

English at Key Stage 5 offers our students opportunity to further build on the skills and qualifications they have gained at Key Stage 4.  We offer Functional Skills English at Levels 1 and 2.

As with other Key Stages, assessment is based on a very clear framework that shows students how to progress through the various points within the levels so they can build on their previous attainment and achieve further educational success.

Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning is a particular strength across the department.  Opportunities for peer and self-assessment can be seen throughout our curriculum.  Our Directed Improvement Reflection Time activities empower students with the knowledge and skills to extend their work further and achieve the next step up.

Reading at Maplewell

Here at Maplewell Hall School, we have an excellently resourced library for our students.  Our experienced Librarian assesses students’ reading levels on entry and they are introduced to a huge range of reading materials suited to their ability.  Students reading levels are monitored continuously and they are encouraged to the next level when they are ready.

We have recently invested in a state of the art library system. This allows students to choose their next reading books online, write reviews of the books they have read and see their reading progress through the different reading levels.

All students regularly read during English lessons and are listened to by experienced staff.  We also actively encourage students to read at home.  Students are rewarded for their reading efforts and receive a certificate every time they have completed ten reading books.

Extra Support

We have extra systems of support firmly in place for students who need additional help with their reading, writing and spelling.  We offer 1:1 reading support through the use of the Alpha to Omega programme for our students with the lowest reading ages.  For students who need a little boost with their comprehension, we run small group inference sessions.