After School Clubs

Launched in September 2018 Maplewell Hall School offers a comprehensive range of activities that start at the end of the school day.

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The aim of the ASC is to provide students with an extension to their learning opportunities and to develop their peer relationships. The range of activities promotes a healthy lifestyle and the development of life skills.

The activities are open to all students.

The timetable changes every half term to reflect seasonal opportunities although a small number of activities, such as the fire cadets requires a longer commitment to enable the course to be completed.

The next timetable is available mid-way through the current half term for students to take home and make their selection. A copy is also available on our website to download.

We acknowledge that transport can be an issue and provide assistance with this when possible. Please understand that due to our countywide catchment area not all requests can be met each term.

Activities are both on and off site. Most are run by members of the Care team. Some activities, such as Football coaching and Film club utilise specialists tutors.

There are two options for finish times – 5.15pm and 7.30pm. For students staying for both sessions a light tea is provided.

The academic tuition runs seperately to the ASC but students who attend this can then join their chosen activity for the remainder of the evening.

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Session 1

  • 1. Cooking for Different Occasions 
    Plan and make food for events such as barbeques and picnics.

  • 2. Duke of Edinburgh
    Route planning, map reading and local walks.

  • 3. Task Force
    Learn what it takes to be a caretaker.

Parent/Carer Collecting at 5.15pm

Session 2

  • 1. Cycle Skills
    Practice your riding skills within the school grounds.

  • 2. Duke of Edinburgh or Sports (open to non-D of E Students)
    Activities will include Archery, Kick Boxing and Team Games and a canoe session.

  • 3. Golf
    Learn how to play golf with Mr Hoult. Will include visit to a local golf range.

Parent/Carer Collecting at 7.20pm

Download After School Clubs Form

Kirsty North
Care and Intervention Team Leader