After School Activities

Welcome to the new academic year and to the new range of after-school activities.

Please see the list of activities that are being offered each day and the times that they will be happening.
There are two finish times 5.15pm and 7.30pm.

If you only want to do the first activity then your finish time will be 5.15. You will need to be collected by a parent/carer at this time.

If you want to do the full evening you will finish at 7.30 pm. Parent/carers will collect at this time. We are able to offer transport for a small number of students each night if required.

The timetable for the evening is:

3.30pm Register, get changed and have a snack.
3.45pm First Activity or Lesson Tuition
4.45pm Option time –sports, relaxation, games room etc.
5.15pm Teatime – light meal and a drink
6.00pm Second Activity
7.15pm Evening review and prepare for home.
7.30pm E Evening ends
  • You can select as many days and sessions as you want. If you have selected Session number 2 make sure you have also made a selection for Session 1
  • Activities will be run by members of the care team, senior teaching staff and some people employed by the school to deliver activities. For example, the Filmmakers club is being run by Gatlin Gun productions, and Tag rugby is run by a coach from the RFU.
  • Some activities will have a limited number of places available. Fire cadets will run until December so we ask students to commit to the whole of their 12-week programme.
  • Your choice for Activity One and/or Two will be the same each week for half a term.
  • For your option time (4.45pm) you can choose each week what you want to do.
  • Speak to a member of the care team if you would like to know more about the activities.