Here at Maplewell we recognise that every student has individual strengths, needs and aspirations. We pride ourselves on knowing the individual and providing an education that is flexible enough to meet the needs of every student.

Our Personalised approach means that every student has the opportunity to reach their potential.

For Us, a personalised curriculum is much more that simply providing a wide choice of academic and vocational options. We do provide this, but we also make sure that every other aspect of your child’s school day is personalised to meet their specific needs. This means that our behaviour management is personalised, our teaching methods are personalised and our pastoral support is personalised. Even the school dinners can be personalised!

Every student is on their own personal journey. At Maplewell we do everything possible to ensure that every student leaves us with the skills and qualifications to take the next steps of their journey with confidence.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum we offer please contact the school office 01509 890 237 or arrange a visit.