Best Results Ever

KS4 Trends in 
Attainment 2014-17

  • More students achieved at least 1 (27) full GCSE than ever before.
  • A large number of GCSE entries (76) and reduced entry level entries (51) shows teachers are challenging students more than In previous years. This has resulted in more entries in core subjects and more students attaining higher grades (9-4).
  • There were a total of 142 entries in all GCSE/L1/L2 qualifications with 139 students passing their courses (98%).
  • There were 174 year 11 entries overall. On average, 6.2 entries per student (4.6 GCSE/L1/L2, 1.6 Entry Level)
  • More students are being entered and are achieving (39) a vocational/L1/L2/GCSE alternative than previously.
  • 100% of students gained at least 1 GCSE/L1/L2 qualification.

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