Best Results Ever

Student Outcomes KS4 & KS5 2018

  • The overall average progress in year 11 is 0.93 in all subjects.
  • Boys average value added shows that they have outperformed girls in GCSE Exams and other vocational subjects.
  • On average ASD students made better progress in GCSE compared with Non-ASD students. This can be attributed to the specialised provision in place at Maplewell for ASD students
  • Our PPG students have got hight value added than non PPg. This reflects the successful wide range of interventions put in place by the school in order to ensure quality of opportunity. The value added score between PG and Non-PPG for all subjects in year 11 is very similar.
  • On average value added for MAP students for their GCSE is 0.05. A remarkable achievements considering the amount of time the students entered have had out of education prior to attending Maplewell.
  • This year saw a record number of GCSE entries in English and Maths
  • Each department recorded their largest percentage of entries of the year 11 cohort achieving a GCSE 9-1.
  • A Significant 73% of the year 11 cohort were entered into an English GCSE exam this year.
  • There has been a substantial rise in students achieving GCSE grades 1-9. Maplewell recorded 15 GCSE 1-9 grades in 2018 beating the previous best of 2 in 2017.
  • There is discernible differences in the pass rate between Maths and English. Maths remain the same and english has got 100% of pass in English Language
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