After School Clubs


Session 1

  • 1. Heroclix
    Table top strategy game involving superhero characters played to improve strategy and maths.

  • 2. Duke of Edinburgh 1 of 2
    This term will be working on a conservation and wildlife project.

  • 3. Cooking Club
    Plan, cook and eat your own tea. Learn simple quick recipes you can use at home.

Parent/Carer Collecting at 5.15pm

Session 2

  • 1. Swimming
    Learn how to swim or practice your swimming technique.

  • 2. Duke of Edinburgh 2 of 2
    Part 2 - continue the D of E activities (will include Sports such as Archery and Quiditch!)

Parent/Carer Collecting at 7.20pm

Download After School Clubs Form

Dear Parent/Carer

Please see the attached timetable for the After School Club from 22nd October – 21st December.

The two options for finishing times are 5:15pm and 7:20pm

If your child is in a tuition group, for example GCSE Maths, then they can either choose to return home after this or choose a second activity and then finish at 7.20pm. Please write this on the form on the relevant day.

Unfortunately for this half term the Fire Cadets session is for those students who started the group in September. If your child is currently in this group please write “continue” on the section of the form.

Students who have started D of E are asked to continue for both of the sessions, however we do still have two spaces available should your child wish to start. All students need to be over 14 to participate in D of E.

If your child is currently in this group please write “continue” on the relevant section of the form.
Transport – we have a limited capacity for providing assistance and aim to support where we can, however this cannot always be guaranteed. To ensure we are fair in how this is provided it may not be possible to offer transport to your child every half term.

Please note: Assistance with transport will only be available for the 7.20pm finish time. Due to expected demand I would ask that students choose a maximum of two evenings per week. All completed forms should be marked for the attention of the Care team. Please return letters via the bus or taxi escort or email a copy of the form or a list of selected activities to The form should be returned by Friday 28th September to allow time for groups to be confirmed.

Yours sincerely,
Kirsty North
Care and Intervention Team Leader