At Maplewell Hall School we follow the procedures specified by our Local Authority, Leicestershire County Council. We welcome calls at any time to discuss and resolve problems as soon as possible. We have regular parent evenings, transition events and annual reviews so that you can speak directly with any teachers available. We also have members from SLT to help if you feel your issue has not been resolved.

The following information has been taken from the LCC website to outline their suggestion in dealing with any issues

Step 1

The first step is to try and resolve the problem informally with the school. Refer the matter in the first instance to the class teacher or supervisor unless it relates to a whole school issue. This will often generate an immediate or early response which will resolve the concern.

Step 2

If you have concerns about a whole school issue or about something which has happened at your child’s school or a school in your community which has not been resolved by Step 1 the Headteacher or Principal of the school or college will need to know.

Unless the matter is extremely urgent, it is helpful to give details in writing or ask for an appointment to discuss the problem. This gives the Headteacher or Principal time to make enquiries and consider any appropriate remedies. Most complaints can be dealt with at this level. In a larger school it may be appropriate to contact the year head or a deputy or assistant principal.

It is advisable to be clear about what the concern is and how the school could assist you in this matter.

Step 3

If matters have not been resolved, the next step is usually to write down details of your complaint and send these to the Chair of Governors of the school or college. Correspondence for the Chair can be forwarded via the school or college or sent to the Governor Development Service, Children and Young People’s Service (address in the Contacts Section) who are able to forward any correspondence to the Chair’s home address.

You should expect to receive an acknowledgement of your correspondence from the Chair of Governors and they should be able to resolve the complaint either by telephone, in writing or by arranging a meeting.

Step 4

If, after the Chair of Governors has investigated your complaint, you are still not satisfied, then you can ask the Chair to call together a Governors’ Complaints Panel. This panel is made up of governors who have no previous knowledge of the complaint. It will hear all the facts and make a decision about the complaint.

The aim of the panel is to impartially resolve the complaint and the panel may invite the complainant and other interested parties to meet the panel. This is at the discretion of the panel. All parties will be notified of the decision of the panel in writing. The governors’ complaints panel is the last school based stage of the complaint process.

If you require any further information please follow the links below:

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