Maplewell Hall is a specialised school for pupils who have statement needs and are aged 11-19 years. Each year group has two tutor groups with an average of 12 pupils in a class. Every lesson has a teacher and a pastoral LSA to support as a minimum. Some classes will have additional LSA’s to support pupils in specific subjects (typically Maths, English and Science). The school is able to meet a vast range of pupil needs that fall within the Moderate Learning Difficulties EHC plans. This typically covers ADHD, Speech and Language, Autism, Hearing impairments, visual impairments plus many other conditions that fall within this remit. The school is able to support pupils with different medical needs and staff is trained to fully support these needs.

Maplewell has an autism specific provision for pupils who have anxiety and sensory needs.

This is based on discussions with previous schools and parent/carers to allocate these spaces. This group typically has 8 pupils who those that are based in key stage 3 and up to 10 pupils in the key stage 4 provision. Again each group has LSAs designated to these areas and a form tutor. Every pupil with autism is very different and it is only by working with the adults who are fully aware of this child’s needs is a decision made on the provision that is required.

Maplewell will have a new autism provision from September 2016 for pupils who have a diagnosis of high functioning autism. Again this is a small group based in an environment that meets their ASD needs. The provision has a designated lead teacher and staff to meet the pupil’s needs.+

All applications for Maplewell will need to be completed through the official annual review process and SENA at county hall. This process can occur at any point of the year but a confirmation of place will be based on if our school can meet a pupil’s needs and if we have spaces in specific year groups.

Maplewell has a host of specialist staff in different teaching areas. Pupils have a structured timetable that covers the following subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Design and Technology – Food and Product Design (optional subjects for key stage 4)
  • Art and Design (optional subject for key stage 4/5)
  • Physical Education (optional subject for key stage 4/5)
  • Preparing for adulthood/Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE)
  • Religious Education
  • Spanish (optional subject for Key Stage 4, tourism at Key Stage 5)
  • Performing Arts (optional subject for key stage 4/5)
  • Independent living/travel (key Stage 4 and 5 have allocated teaching time for this)
  • ICT (optional subject for key stage 4/5)

Every area has a specialist teaching environment to enable pupils to access these subjects: –

  • Physical Education- gym, extensive fields, woods, fitness room
  • Design and Technology workshop
  • Food room
  • Art room
  • Year 7 base
  • K5 base
  • The Eaves- ASD main school base
  • MAP- New ASD provision from 2016
  • Science laboratory
  • English and Maths rooms
  • ICT suite

Pupils have access to appropriate qualifications during key stage 4 and 5. This is based on aspirational targets that are set by our teaching staff. Progress is regularly monitored and shared with parent/carers throughout the year. Pupils will have access to additional subject interventions if and when required throughout their time at Maplewell.

The pupils also have access to a range of interventions to support them with specific areas of needs or difficulties during their time at Maplewell. From September 2016 this will be at Woodland view. These sessions include additional support in the following areas:

  • Counselling
  • Art therapy
  • Speech and language sessions (based on plans shared from the visiting NHS specialists
  • Behaviour
  • Social inclusion
  • Friendships
  • Dealing with body changes
  • Looked After Child sessions
  • Anxiety and much more

Pupils will be referred to this support via conversations with tutors, Home School workers, Care team or the senior leadership team. We welcome talking with parent/carers as pupils will need support with any of these issues at home too.

Maplewell Hall works closely with parent/carers and external professionals to ensure that all pupils progress in their learning and social, emotional skills. We welcome calls and meetings with all parties involved with a child to support them for their needs. Every pupil will have at least one annual review yearly, parent/carers are invited to parent evenings throughout the year and we host a range of other workshops and evenings to support pupils.

Please feel free to browse our website for further information regarding the school. We welcome any questions and offer tours to enable you to come and visit the school throughout the day.